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I have to modify user-loop and timing files from the DMS example to achieve the followings and I was wondering if you could let me know whether I am on the right path:

1. the current user-loop file for the dms example chooses conditions randomly with replacement if the previous condition is correct. Any suggestion on how to modify the code so that it doesn't necessarily replace if the condition leads to a correct choice? In other words, if the choice is correct I still would like that sample to be in the random pool of 4 images (I have a total of 4 samples for block instead of 2 like the example)

condition_index = mod(correct_trial_count,4) + 1;
if 1==condition_index, condition_sequence = randperm(4); end
condition = condition_sequence(condition_index);

2. In the future I will have to modify the transition probabilities between the 4 images, so that, for example, if I am seeing condition 1, I am 75% likely to either see condition 1 again or condition 2, and 25% likely to see condition 3 or condition 4. Any suggestion on how to implement this? I guess the same lines quoted above would be the target, correct?

Thank you in advance..


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There are so many different ways to do this. And you need to provide a lot more information, like whether the conditions are determined randomly or pseudo-randomly, how error trials are treated, etc. It would be helpful if you posted some of your code, to show how you want to approach.
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