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Hi, I am hoping to use the Pupil Labs ( eye tracking software with a usb connection to MonkeyLogic as a cheap alternative to the existing eye tracker. It seems like I can subscribe to the data stream and send it out in python msgpack ( format. I was wondering how to interface this transfer with MonkeyLogic and whether the messages will need to be converted to a MatLab format before they are sent or whether that could happen within the MonkeyLogic framework.

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The USB is for the connection between their camera and software, not for the distribution of data. They use the ZeroMQ library (, so you need to build a ZeroMQ client (msgpack is just a way to pack the data you ship on the network protocol). Enabling communication between two processes is not a new problem. I think the summary on the ZeroMQ website may help you understand what you need to do ( If you want your code to be incorporated in NIMH ML, you need to provide it as a C/C++ library.
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