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I need to design a task wherein when the subject moves the joystick in a certain direction this will start stretching an image for as long as they hold the joystick in that direction. (So if they hold up the square will get longer and longer and if they hold down it will get shorter and shorter). Are there any commands in Monkey Logic to allow me to do this? I can only find commands to change the location, not the dimensions, of an image. 

At the moment the only way I can imagine doing such a task is to have a series of discrete images of the different available dimensions and then load them sequentially as the joystick is hold in a certain position. Is there any more suitable way of doing this? 


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This is something that ML is very weak on. There is no flexible way to change stimuli based on user input. You may as well make your own loop function like eyejoytrack() and handle stimuli yourself. Defining many images as you said will work, if you don't need them to stretch smoothly.
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