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Hi all, 

We (Maier lab) would like to show an image throughout the trial and ITI. As a first pass, we toggle on the image we'd like to show during the ITI at the end of the timing file script. We created a new function like "close_video" that we called "close_videoITI" in monkeylogic.m. It's called in place of "close_video" during the ITI period. It releases all active video buffers except for the last one.  

One drawback is that while the image does appear during the ITI, the screen also seems to be set to the background color (in our case, gray) for one or two screen refreshes. We also wonder if it would be possible to change the code in a way that the image did not have to load on every trial in order to speed things up.

Any advice or suggestions on how to improve are appreciated!

P.s. We are currently using a mirror stereoscope with ML to show visual stimuli to each eye independently. We'd like to show a full screen image like the one below throughout the trial and ITI to facilitate fusion. 


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