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Hi Jaewon,
I m having the following problem, and I was wondering if you have any idea about the source of it.
When I acquire touch on a touch screen target and hold it for 15 sec then acquire another touch target to express a choice, it works fine for the first 10 trials, after that ML does not detect touches anymore.
When I increase the hold period from, 10 to 15 sec, the problem happens earlier, say after 7 trials.
Thanks a lot any information that you can provide.


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This seems a question similar to your previous post, so I deleted the previous one.

The hold duration has nothing to do with how touches are processed. Does your screen support multitouch? Then can you increase the number of touches that are simultaneously tracked (in the Non-DAQ settings of NIMH ML) and see if any touch icon is stuck on the control screen even after you lift your finger. You can test in the I/O test menu, too.

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