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Dear all,

We are having some difficulties with analog output on our MonkeyLogic system (most recent version, Win8, Matlab 2013a).

We are implementing a task that requires us to drive two speakers (separated in time) via analog output. We use two stm task objects for this, which each output a waveform to a different AO port of our NI DAQ card (PCIe 6321). 
We were not able to use both stm objects (with toggleobject) in a single trial. A single toggleobject call works for either stm (i.e. both AO channels are functional). I am aware of the limitation that a given stm port can be used only once within a single trial (i.e., it cannot be re-triggered), but in our case we are trying to use two DIFFERENT ports once each.
I’d be very grateful for a hint to solve this problem.

By the way, has anybody ever found a work-around for using the SAME port twice in a single trial?
Thanks so much,
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