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Hello people,
I have one application where I need to run the monkey logic in real time.
That means instead of a preloaded command and timing script which decides what stimuli should be displayed on the screen, I need to update the timing files and command files in real time using software and then run them.
For example, I have a C algorithm which generates some command script and timing script every 100 millisecond, and I want this timing and command script to be ran every 100 millisecond, by changing some code in monkeylogic, because it is not possible manually to select command script in monkey logic toolbox and rerun it every 100 milliseconds.
As the command files and timing scripts are updated, I want it to automatically rerun rather than manually hitting run every time.
Does anyone have an idea what change should I do in the matlab code of monkeylogic to make this happen ?
Do I have to change something in run_trial matlab file or somewhere else.

It would be a great help if someone could suggest me on this.


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That is not how ML works. You should describe the task you want to run, not how you want to run it.
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