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Hi there, 

I am a newish member of the Asaad lab looking for a little insight on how to save new variables to the bhv file. 

I am currently working on ML1, with plans to switch to ML2 but would like a little insight on appending variables to the BHV file in ML1 for a better understanding. 

In my case I am creating a stream of data from calls in eyejoytrack in order to determine "real-time' metrics for patient condition based on joystick position. The use of the function "bhv_variable" limits its variables to a size of "128." I wanted to know how to save this stream of data to the bhv file. I tried to append this data to "TrialData" at the end of the function "end_trial" but this led to multiple errors. I wanted to know if you had any insight on appending variables to the bhv from the eyejoytrack function?

Additionally is there functionality for this in ML2?

Any information is very much appreciated.

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That is one of the things I so much wanted to change in ML1. Unfortunately, BHV of ML1 has such a rigid structure, so I don't think you can save the data to the BHV. You can save it to a separate file, though.

In ML2, bhv_variable() can save variables of any type and any size.
W F Asaad

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Thanks, Jaewon-

I couldn't recall if someone else had come up with a work-around since I last worked on ML...
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