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Hi All, 
our stimulus image set does not change size even when we use the pixel resizing input in the conditions file (as -- pic(filename, Xpos, Ypos, Width, Height)). I'm attaching an example stimulus (apple_01), as well as a screenshot of ML. The stimulus is 256x256 pixels with a bit depth of 8. When these stimuli are loaded into ML, and the conditions file includes a pixel resizing input, the new pixel size appears next the stimulus name in the stimulus list panel (here, "200x400"), but when we either 1) hit "Test" next to stimulus list panel to preview the stimulus, it simply does not appear on the subject's screen and 2) when we run the task, no stimulus appears. When I do not include a pixel resizing input in the conditions file, the stimulus apple_01 appears in both the test/run mode, and at its full size.

I tested & the images that come with the dms task resize appropriately with this input, so I suspect something may be wrong with our stimuli permissions or access granted to ML. I am also attaching a screenshot of the permissions of the stimulus file -- although at a glance, nothing seems wrong.

any idea if there is a way to check that a .bmp file has adequate permissions to be resized by ML, or otherwise change this?


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It is because the image becomes a double matrix that has a range of [0 1] after converted to truecolor, instead of a uint8 matrix of [0 255]. Please overwrite your MonkeyLogic\mgl\mglimread.m with the attached file.


The latest ML package is updated for this.

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