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So I am looking to add a camera to the task I am currently running, and on a brief trial run using simulation mode and after only 7 trials (~3 seconds each, 30 fps, 640 * 480), it accumulated 400 MB in the .bhv2, which seems like a lot. So I'd like to know a few things.

1. Is there a way to reduce the size of this? It seems like I can't change the resolution in the webcam configuration available on the pause screen - is the hardware setting this?

2. Is there a way to extract this info from the bhv2 - it seems like a post in the main installation folder thread once had a script for this, but I don't see it anymore.

3. Is there some way to delete the video content off the bhv2? Once i export to .avi, the .avi file size was ~3 Mb for a trial (so ~21 MB for all 7 I'd imagine). If I can create a pipeline which processes these videos by exporting to .avi and then deleting the .bhv2 video content, this seems like the most efficient way to keep storage down (though of course there is a bit of added organizational overhead to make sure your videos are associated with the correct file).


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1. It is your webcam's hardware limitation.

2. See

3. You are on your own. The BHV2 format and its reader (mlbhv2.m) are all open already.
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