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Hello guys,
I am new to MonkeyLogic.
I am trying to start monkeylogic by typing monkeylogic in the command line of MATLAB.
Although, I get a new window which displays as attached 
and I get this following errors:


>> monkeylogic



<<< MonkeyLogic >>> Revision : 05-23-2016 build 1.1.85
<<< MonkeyLogic >>> Operating System: Windows_NT...
<<< MonkeyLogic >>> *** JAVA Virtual Machine is Running ***
<<< MonkeyLogic >>> Computer Name: SDSU-PC...
<<< MonkeyLogic >>> Logged in as "Darpan"...
<<< MonkeyLogic >>> Detected 8 "AMD64" processors...
<<< MonkeyLogic >>> Matlab version: (R2016b)...
<<< MonkeyLogic >>> Approximate Matlab cycle rate is 1638 kHz
<<< MonkeyLogic >>> Launching Menu...
<<< MonkeyLogic >>> Initialized Video Graphics interface...
<<< MonkeyLogic >>> Initialized Task Menu...
<<< MonkeyLogic >>> Initialized XGL - DirectX 9 fullscreen graphics layer for Matlab...
<<< MonkeyLogic >>> Touchscreen/Mouse Initialized.

Undefined function or variable 'pointingdevice'.

Error in mlmouse (line 74)
mouse = pointingdevice;

Error in mlvideo (line 115)
mlmouse(fxn, screen_ppd); % send the
screen_ppd to mlmouse which it will use for
scaling data later

Error in mlmenu (line 340)

Error in monkeylogic (line 37)


I tried reading a post on the forum where someone had similar kind of problem and I tried to implement solutions, but it is still not working.
I am using monkeylogic stable 1.2.86 version.
I have windows 7 64 bit operating system.
I tried running it on 2 computers, one with single monitor and other with double monitor,
but still the problem remains.
I am not sure what change should I make in resolution.

It would be very kind if anyone can suggest how to proceed or where I am going wrong ?



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Download NIMH DAQ Toolbox for GitHub ML and install it.

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Thanks for replying.
I upadted the NIMH toolbox and also downloaded NI DAQ 16.0
And now the things are working. I get the full view as shown in this image:

but, I am not able to do video test.
I set the resolution and refresh rate in monkey logic similar to my monitor resolution and refresh rate.
But it still gives me this error:

ME_1 =

MException with properties:

identifier: 'MATLAB:FileIO:InvalidFid'
message: 'Invalid file identifier. Use fopen to generate a valid file identifier.'
cause: {0×1 cell}
stack: [5×1 struct]

Error using xglmex
XGL has not been initialized

Error in xglshowcursor (line 12)
xglmex (29, rhs1, rhs2);

Error in mlvideo (line 257)
xglshowcursor(devicenum, val);

Error in mlmenu (line 1996)
mlvideo('showcursor', videodevice, 1);

Error while evaluating UIControl Callback

I also referred to this post:

And I tried to make those changes, but it still wont work.

Can anyone suggest or help on how to resolve this.


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Download NIMH ML 2 and save yourself some trouble.

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Hello Jaewon,
I appreciate your efforts for getting me out of this.
But I am still stuck with some problems.
I have done the following things:
1. Created a folder called monkeylogic.
2. Unzipped the contents of MonkeyLogic_stable 1.2.86 and copied into this folder.
3. I set my matlab path to this monkeylogic folder in matlab.
4. I downloaded the NIMH ML2 and unzipped its contents and added them to the matlab path.
5. From command line, i type monkeylogic to run it
and it gives this kind of error:

>> monkeylogic
Invalid MEX-file 'C:\Users\DSK\Pictures\monkeylogic\NIMH_MonkeyLogic_2_(Mar-9-2017)\daqtoolbox\mgldaqmex.mexw64': The specified module could
not be found..

Error in daqreset (line 8)

Error in mlflush (line 5)

Error in monkeylogic (line 36)

I have also downloaded NIDAQ 16.0, microsoft visual C++.
I have DirectX version : DirectX12
I dont know what I am missing to make it work succesfully.

I would be very thankful to you if you could help me out of this.
Thanks a lot sir.


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Get rid of 1.2.86 from your MATLAB path.

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I removed monkey logic 1.2.86 from my matlab path as you said.
I have a folder named monkeylogic and it includes unzipped contents of "NIMH_MonkeyLogic_2_(Mar-9-2017)" and I have set this as my matlab path.

The condition now seems better
The ML view is like this:

Also, the video resolution and refresh rate problem is solved.
I can now play test video and it automatically selects the resolution and displays the video.

The other doubt I had is when I hit monkeylogic in command window, although monkeylogic is opened, but I get following errors:

>> monkeylogic
Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

Error in monkeylogic/update_subsystem (line 868)
io.Board = find(strcmp(items{val},{IOBoard.DevString}),1);

Error in monkeylogic/update_boards (line 862)

Error in monkeylogic/init (line 1454)

Error in monkeylogic (line 37)

Can anyone tell me how to correct this ?

Another problem, I have downloaded and unzipped the contents of dms example from the website to run in ML.
I loaded the condition file, and I could see the dms.m timing file in ML too.
After that, it allows to me to hit RUN, and when I hit run an another screen opens up which says hit spacebar to start the video.
As soon as I do that ML gives this error:
*** No eye-signal input defined in I/O menu*** (dms runtime/eyejoytrack line 399 )

I am trying to run an example design to see how it works and then start to change the scripts as required.
I am very thankful for helping me.


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First of all, please download NIMH ML 2 again, since I changed a few things.
Second, you need a DAQ board that supports analoginput. You have none. (If you switch to the Simulation Mode in the Pause menu, you can run without a DAQ board though)
Third, you should map 'Eye X' and 'Eye Y' to appropriate channels of analoginput.
Fourth, the DMS example on the website is old and will give you another error. The revised DMS files are included in the NIMH ML 2 package. See the task directory in it.

The new manual is on the way. The old documents still have lots of information about ML and its history. If you are not familiar with ML, please look around the following website first.
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