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I am starting a new thread to explain and discuss how to write a task with ML2's new trialholder functions (create_scene & run_scene). I didn't have time to document the details yet, but many of them will be covered in my SfN poster (Tuesday 11/14 AM).

Here are some examples what you can do with the new functions. These examples are included in the "task" directory of ML2 (Oct 12, 2017 or later). This board does not allow me to post videos. To watch the videos, please download them by clicking the links. These videos are created with mlplayer and transcoded to mp4 for web posting.

* Random dot motion

This is one of the most complex visual stimuli, but you can create it on-line during trials, instead of using movies created in advance.

rdm.mp4_000006951.jpg    (video: rdm.mp4, 873 KB)

* Timer demo

This is an example of dynamic behavior-responsive stimuli. The annulus-shaped timer counts up, only while the fixation is held.

timer.mp4_000009617.jpg    (video: timer.mp4, 105 KB)

* Shapes

You can use any shape that you can draw as a visual stimulus and change its position, size and color on the fly.

shape.mp4_000001558.jpg    (video: shape.mp4, 111 KB)


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I've tested these all and so far they work great. I haven't tested all the parameters of the random dot kinematogram though, just what you have as default. Users be aware that you must fixate in order for the timer and Random dots to proceed. You can use the simulation mode to do this. 
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