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I am running ML2, downloaded 01/08/18, windows 10, matlab 2017b. My rig contains a PCIe6343, and a BNC2090A. 
I am attempting to route analog eye-signals into ML. My eyetracker outputs +/- 5V, via two BNC coax cables. My wiring is as follows:
Eye X (via bnc coax 1) --> AI0 on BNC2090A
Eye Y (via bnc coax 2) --> AI1 on BNC2090A
I have configured the BNC2090A to "nonreferenced single-ended mode". SE/DIFF switches for AI0 and AI1 are set to "SE", and  RSE/NRSE Switch set to "NRSE", to ground to AI SENSE. 
Finally, I have set the "AI configuration" option in Monkeylogic main panel to "non-referenced single end". 
When I attempt to test this input by running "I/O Test", I am able to see a small red dot on the eye position plot, but it does not move as a test subject moves their eye. I am sure that the bnc coax 1/2 carry voltage changes, as they are able to be read by a separate computer just fine. 
I am wondering if this has to do with gain -- could it be that the gain must be adjusted, via one of the the eye calibration methods, in order for ML to transform the voltage changes to appropriate distances in space? If this is the case -- or if not -- please advise. 
Thanks in advance.

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Hi Geena,

It appears that your hardware setting is fine.  "I/O Test" displays signals for the full input range (-10 V to +10 V) and does not adjust gain, so, if you want to test eye signals with gain, do it with the "Origin & Gain" calibration tool please.

You can change the shape of the eye tracer in the main menu. A line is the default shape but it is difficult to see, if there is no movement.
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