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Hello ML Experts,

We have a button plugged into our analog input of NI DAQ, but the eyejoytrack command with 'acquiretouch' returns after 10 ms or so even without the button pressed. We recently upgraded to the new NIMH version of ML (released April 2017) and after the upgrade, this command no longer works with our button.

We have verified via daqtoolbox and an oscilloscope that our button is working correctly and we have adjusted the voltage (both range and values) to see if it was a sensitivity issue, but the problem persists.  At most, we were able to get the button to work once, but once the next trial begins the problem presents again.

[startactivate, rt] = eyejoytrack('acquiretouch', startpad_button, 3.0, 5000);

Has anyone experienced this problem or know the best way to solve it?

Thank you

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